Abbey Elder

Abbey Elder graduated with Honours from KPU with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology in 2013. She delights in researching the unusual-or taboo-facets of human sexuality not only because they are novel within the realm of research, but also because she loves a challenge (and is a sucker for punishment).

Her research topics of interest include the dynamics of power exchange, physiological and psychological means of arousal within dominant/submissive relationships, kink, body image and sexual desire, non-pathological psychological differences in those who engage in BDSM, social acceptance and discrimination of marginalized sexual minority groups, and sex education.

Abbey's Portrait

She is a proud recipient of the Canadian Psychology Association’s Certificate of Academic Excellence in recognition of her undergraduate thesis, “Whips and Chains Excite Me: BDSM, Social Acceptance and the Sexual Double Standard”. She recently presented this research at the Association for Psychological Sciences Annual Convention in San Francisco, April 2014, and plans to publish Fall 2014.

In the near future, Abbey plans to move across the world to pursue a Master’s and doctorate degree in Australia while simultaneously starting a family with her husband.

To reiterate, she loves a challenge.

When she is not creating something as a multimedia artist, she coaches volleyball, loves animals, and is generally hilarious.